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Here's some other stuff that I made

Small Loudspeakers

Luidspreker Luidspreker      

2023 - built two small loudspeakers for our kitchen ..



2023 - Medusa - my interpretation of this mythical person

Set of Garden furniture (3 chairs and bench)

Garden Garden Garden     

Booklet with Lists

boekje     boekje boekje boekje boekje

Practicing - painting of clouds

Wolken december     Wolken december
foto december                                                                        painting

Wolken november     Wolken november
foto november                                                                        painting

Wolken oktober     Wolken september
foto oktober                                                                           painting

Wolken september     Wolken December
foto september                                                                        painting

Wooden cube with continuous groove

2021-09 - Indian hardwood - Cube with continuous Groove - 9.5x9.5x9.5 cm


Bench Oak Wood and hanging Lamp



2021-08 - Bench for Yara in Cardiff - Oakwood from Grandma's old dinner table
2021-08 - hanging Lamp for Yara in Cardiff - Oakwood and dual white Led strip - dimmable by remote control


Table Oakwood


2021-07 - Side Table - Oakwood from Grandma's old dinner table - 110x54cm h:44cm


Pleiter Archive Box


2021-07 - Pleiter Family - Archive box - A4+


Wooden side table


2021-06 - Wooden Table - European Oakwood - 58cm diameter


Painted Stones


2021-02 - Painted Stones - Acrylic paint


Wooden Bowl


2021-01 - Bowl - Oakwood strips



2020-12 - Computer Design

Using the citymaps of 4 cities I digitized those maps and used black color for houses/buildings, green for parks and greenery in the city and blue for water/lakes/rivers and canals. Showing those maps/plans in the same sequence - black-green-blue gives an impression of the city layout and the balance of urbanisation, water and green.
Can you make up which cities are shown here ?
these are Arnhem - Amsterdam - Paris and Chandigar(India)


Bowl multiplex


2019-12 - Bowl - Multiplex strips


Oakwood something


2019-12 - Oakwood strips