Paul van Ingen

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Here's some airbrush paintings that I did in the 80's

1987 Airbrush op Karton 1987 Airbrush op Karton 1987 Airbrush op Karton 1987 Airbrush op Board Ink and Paper

two circles and a line

You may like this .. painting the wall in our house in Laughing Waters/Bangalore. I had made the circular canvases myself with the crossing lines - which is an older and earlier theme - and decided to construct the background line on the wall


llustrated books

During the late 80's and early 90's I was given the opportunity to illustrate a few books.
Here are the book-covers as well as some sample pictures. Click the images to open a larger view.

1987 Recht Uitgelegd 1988 Handleiding Technisch Schrijven 1989 Aktiviteitenboek Spel en Sport 1995 Spel en Sport 1995 Vaardigheden SPW

sample illustrations

Orde en Recht Een mooie blonde vrouw Misdrijf or Overtreding Hulpverlening Help ! Mobiele Eenheid m/v
Detail Drawing Exploded View See-Through Drawing Construction Drawing
Oog Ik pik het niet Kracht Zij stond er nonchalent bij Verhoogde Hartslag


Since I started working at the Philips IT department, I started drawing cartoons about work related topics and situations.
These were the main characters of these cartoons in the different companies.

Philips Digital (DEC) Compaq HP Confused     

logo design

Here are just a few logo's that I have designed - some of which are still being used.

Logo Skedio Circuits Europees Vrouwen Netwerk Logo New Wave Logo Slachtofferhulp Studiedag Logo Hairdesk Kapperssoftware Logo In-Z Logo Wijkinzicht


I have also designed and created various furniture elements. Made the table below in the late 80's and photgraphed it on grassland and sand for a furniture design contest. Since the table was made of black wooden frame and a marble top, I named the table design : 'bianco & nero'. I didn't win, but still enjoy the table every day.

Marmeren Tafel Marmeren Tafel

In addition to tables I have done cupboards, drawers, lighting and chairs.

various other

Here's two other things I want to share with you. The TFDL institute in Wageningen had a milestone celebration. I proposed and designed a commemorative statue for this celebration. It was constructed by the workshop of the TFDL itself and inaugurated during the festivities. The other thing I wanted to share is a set of 9 granite blocks - that we had done in India. It was hand-crafted by granite workers in Bangalore - and has become a very nice piece. At the time it was difficult to explain to the granite workers why I wanted 9 small blocks and what I would do with them .. If they have internet they now can see the result and use of their efforts ..

design sketches

Here's a few earlier design sketches.