Paul van Ingen

Vogelenzangsestraat 18 
6846 BA  Arnhem 
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I started making paintings or objects for friends and family based on style, context or preferences.
A colorscheme, an idea or a interior style can inspire to draw or paint something that 'relates', that 'resonates' and 'clicks'.
In this section of my web-space I share a number of paintings that I recently did ..

I will be more than pleased to hear your requirements and try to make an appropriate painting - or canvas to your order too ..
Just contact me ..


Created for Ada

Groene Golf Ada Groene Golf Ada

For       : Ada
Theme  : Wanddecoratie
Where  : Woonkamer
Acrylic paint on Canvas
Size : 2x 90x90cm

6 Drawings - theme : Art Deco

Created for Nannette and Christon, for their Art Deco apartment in 'Des Sens-Nyons

For       : Nannette & Christon
Theme  : Art Decocolorful
Where  : Apartement Art Deco in Des Sens-Nyons
Various materials
Size : 20x20 cm


2013 - Red with a twist

For       : Matthias
Theme  : colorful
Where  : Home interior
Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 70 x 100 cm


2012 - Green/Yellow








For       : Lynn
Theme  : hope, recovery, encouragement
Where  : waiting room of a clinic
Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 50 x 70 cm


2012 - Purple

For       : Ruby
Theme  : had to fit the colorschemes of her interior.
Where  : Living Room
Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 70 x 70 cm


2012 - India

For       : John & Klaartje
Theme  : Memories of India
Acrylic on Canvas
Size : 60 x 90 cm


2005 - Roseraie Drôme


For       : Nannette & Christon
Theme  : Colorcheme to match interior and cloth on cushions (picture on right)
Where  : Living Room of a Gîte Marnas at Roseraie Drome

Acrylic on Canvas, 2 pieces
Size : 40 x 60 cm