Paul van Ingen

Vogelenzangsestraat 18 
6846 BA  Arnhem 
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This is the personal web-space of Paul van Ingen.
As long as I can remember, I have been into drawing, crafting, writing and designing ..
it must be in my DNA. My father had a remarkeable and nice handwriting, he could share his ideas in a
simple drawing, or an articulate sketch, and he was a very gifted woodworker and craftsman.
His guidance was educational, motivational and very inspiring ..
This is my web space, but it's because of him.

On these pages I'll share some my recent and earlier work.


If you are interested in my work, I will be happy to share backgrounds, thoughts and consider your suggestions.
If you want to buy - I do sell.

I like to be challenged and inspired by your requests.
For a number of occassions and people I made personalised paintings and drawings.
Personalised to fit a style or idea, or decorational paintings to match a colorscheme or pattern in a room or just
do free work. If you have ideas or requests - please leave a note or contact me ..
Please check out the 'canvas to order' section of this web-page if you are looking for a personalised painting ..

                                        de kracht van de kwast !